Darwin, Northern Territory

About the community

Gray is a suburb of Palmerston 23km south-east of the Darwin CBD.

The Smith Family has been delivering Let's Read at the Gray Family Centre since 2012.

Approximately 10 families participate in the program per term.

In 2015, 50 Early Childhood Educators in the Palmerston Community were trained to deliver Let’s Read throughout Palmerston.

Darwin and the Let's Read program

The Smith Family donated Let’s Read Book Suggestions to Palmerston Library. Gray Family Centre held information mornings on Let’s Read. The Smith Family have a Let’s Read information booth and give out tip sheets and books at the annual National Children’s Week community event in Palmerston.

Community stories

2017 - A big year!

Parent Leaders from four Primary Schools in Darwin and Palmerston completed Let's Read training in the last 12 months.

The parents were trained to provide a Let's Read 'touch point' with families through their school's Family Centre and to promote key early literacy messages within their own networks and the wider community.   The Parent Leaders reported enjoying the training, with one parent reporting, "I like the idea of parents being involved in the program and delivering information to other parents. I believe this could work well."

Three Parent Leaders joined The Smith Family staff members at a Children’s Week event and spoke to 80 families about the importance of early literacy and provided Let's Read resource packs. This event provided a great opportunity to build confidence and use the Let's Read knowledge and skills to engage families in the early literacy conversation.  The Parent Leaders reported they had a great time and by the end of the event felt like 'professionals'.

Early this year the Parent Leaders attended a ‘Community Day in the Park’.

Recently they attended a ‘Family Fun Day’ in Palmerston. The community is starting to recognize us! They also managed to survey approximately 90 people.

Angela Wear, Program Coordinator  | The Smith Family


Morning tea at schools, 2016

With the support of our Parent Engagement team and budget we held a Let's Read morning tea at each our partner schools in Palmerston. Parents were invited to attend at their Family Centre or Preschool, we set up early literacy focused activities for families to participate in with their children and we invited our newly trained Let's Read community professionals to deliver the 5 elements to the families. This was a fantastic opportunity for the school to engage with families, and a supportive way for the trained Let's Read professionals to practice their new skills with the support of The Smith Family staff.

There were two reasons we did this. One was to give our newly trained Let's Read educators an opportunity to deliver the 5 elements with a facilitator to support them. The other was to encourage disengaged families to visit their school/ Family Centre and with the offer of morning tea and a reading resource bag we found we had an increased number of new parents come along so staff at the schools could have a friendly conversation about early literacy.

These activities helped with all of the above short term goals and we have partner schools booking a Let's Read morning tea at their schools for 2017.

Angela Wear | Program Coordinator | The Smith Family


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