Rockhampton/Mount Morgan , Queensland

About the community

The Rockhampton Community is situated approximately 550 kilometres from Brisbane CBD. The area covers 189 square kilometres. The residential population is 58,748 with 4,699 children aged 0 to 5 years (ABS Census 2006). Rockhampton has recently become a major centre for Mining Industry in central Queensland.

Rockhampton/Mount Morgan and the Let's Read program

The Let’s Read program is delivered by many community partners in Mount Morgan and Rockhampton including health services, community and parent support groups, child care and early learning centres, playgroups, libraries and others.

Community stories

MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Love Let’s Read, July 2014

MOPS  is a Mothers’ support group that meets fortnightly.  The mums and children all look forward to receiving Let’s Read book bags and information, as indicated by the following quotes:

‘We love ‘Let’s Read’.  Thank you for encouraging a love of literature in small children.  The books are wonderful and great quality!’ 

‘The ‘Let’s Read’ books are always my girls’ favorites and get read over and over till they fall apart!’

‘Let’s Read’ books - my two boys love them and read them every night, and I mean every night until they know the book inside and out.’  

What better way to get families reading than to give them the resources to start! Fabulous!’ 

While the mums meet together, their children are cared for by volunteers. The volunteers read Let’s Read books at Story Time, as soon as they pick up a book to read children flock around, eager for a story! 

Story by Jane Ganter


March 2013

Rockhampton-2.jpgOver the last seven weeks in Rockhampton, the Toddler Tunes Playgroup held weekly activities for parents and children exploring the magic of words in many new and different ways, including the use of music, song, and dance.  It was great to see the growing confidence of both children and parents as they became more familiar with these activities, which included putting actions to songs, musical games, singing, dancing and playing musical instruments that children had made themselves. A dramatic reading of “We’re going on a Bear Hunt” had children demanding an encore.


A number of organisations (including Let’s Read) visited the playgroup throughout this time and held workshops and information sessions aimed at enhancing parents’ skills and confidence across a range of topics such as health, nutrition, and education.  At the conclusion of the seven week program a concert was held, with a local DJ providing great music and entertainment.  Each child received a musical instrument, and a ‘Picture Story Book’ as a photographic record of their time at Toddler Tunes Playgroup.

Story by Jane Ganter, Project Officer, The Smith Family

June 2013

Every year Romp in the Park, Rockhampton’s annual children’s festival, sees the Botanical Gardens ‘taken over’ by University Students studying Early Childhood Education and organisations such as ‘Let’s Read’, that provide services for young children and their parents. 

Romp in the Park 2013, held on 24 May 2013, was a wonderful celebration of Under 8s Week! The perfect autumn weather added to the success and enjoyment of the day. Let’s Read was one of the many organization that took part in the day where families came from as far away as Marlborough, 100 kilometres north of Rockhampton, to attend the festival. Families and children participated in activities including face painting, football, bubbles and books and crowds of eager children and adults filled the area with noise and activity.

The Let’s Read tent had more than 100 visitors during the 3.5 hours that the festival was run.  Children enjoyed hearing stories read, played with puppets and toys, say songs and did colouring activities.  Favourite stories such as “Owl Babies”, “Handa’s Surprise” and “Where’s My Teddy?” were requested repeatedly.  Toddlers and babies were also included in the festivities having fun with touch and feel books and lift the flap books. Families also enjoyed the stories and engaged in conversations about early literacy.

Story by Jane Ganter, Project Officer, The Smith Family


The Let's Read program in Rockhampton/Mount Morgan is sponsered by The Smith Family.

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