Myponga , South Australia

About the community

Myponga is located in southeast South Australia and has a population of around 540 (51.5% male, 48.5% female). It is a relatively small rural town, surrounded by a picturesque landscape, which includes green rolling hills, lush grassed areas, with local reservoir surrounded by towering pine trees.  The abundant wildlife includes kangaroos, koalas, echidnas and black swans. There is a strong community connection with the school.

Myponga and the Let's Read program

Myponga Primary School is a small school in a semi-rural community 70 km south of Adelaide. There are approximately 130 students across R-7, as well as a play centre which operates on site on Friday mornings.

The implementation of Let’s Read began in 2014. Our Pastoral Care Worker, Gina Hunt, attended training and then began to work with parents and children who attend the playcentre each week. The steering committee comprises the PCW, reception teacher, playcentre leader and the principal. The program is working well, with parents being very keen to take part in this pre-literacy initiative.

Key contact

Shaun Betts, Principal, Myponga Primary School


P 08 8558 6267