Daylesford, Victoria

About the community

Hepburn is a rural local Government area in central Victoria. The population is mainly farming and tourism. It has four main townships: Daylesford, Creswick, Clunes and Trentham and several small hamlets.

Daylesford and the Let's Read program

The Let’s Read program in Daylesford commenced delivery of Let’s Read in 2010. The Lets Read Program is supported, promoted and books distributed through the Hepburn Shire Maternal and Child Health Services.

Community stories

The Maternal and Child Health 100 years celebration in Hepburn Shire was an opportunity for showcasing reading and reading related activities to the children who attended.  We held a morning tea, invited the librarians and a story teller to come. Let's Read resources and a few of the books were on display. We spoke to families about the work of the Smith Family and the Let’s Read program.  We identified children at some of the Key Ages and Stages visits who require speech therapy. It's great to be able to provide those families with a book and ISA number - a targeted way of getting parents on board with the enjoyment of reading.

September 2018

Hepburn Shire Community

Lets Read program is promoted through the Hepburn Maternal and Child Health Service All Children and their parents receive a book at Birth, 4 months 8 months 12 months 18 months 2 years and 31/2 year old assessments. The 4 libraries in the Shire provide a weekly baby and toddler Rhyme time during school terms. The library staff meet with the MCH First Time parents group and promotes reading and the participation in services at the library In addition the Hepburn MCH program promoted the Lets Read program at the Municipal Early Years plan launch in Hepburn Shire.

Benefis of the probram include both the promotion of the importance of children in the community and the importance of being read to, reading and learning in children’s lives. Professionals working in community with families now all have knowledge of the importance of early literacy as a foundation of learning. Reading to and with infants and children is seen as a norm rather than an exception.

Feedback from parents tells of the joy children have when they are read to, and the books that they receive are often the favourite books with their children.

Frances Peerman, Hepburn Health Service



The Let's Read program in Daylesford is sponsored by Hepburn Maternal and Child Health.