Goulburn, New South Wales

About the community

Goulburn is an inland city with a population of 24,000 situated in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales. Its strategic location on the Sydney-Canberra corridor provides a unique blend of city facilities and a country lifestyle.  The importance of Goulburn as a regional centre is reflected in the city’s heritage architecture which boasts magnificent cathedrals, schools and stately homes.

Goulburn and the Let's Read program

The Lets Read program in Goulburn was first implemented in 2010. It is run by SaCC, Goulburn Public School. The community of Goulburn has looked favourably on Let’s Read and the local TAFE and playgroups have embraced the program. There are 25 professionals in the community trained to deliver Let’s Read for organisations including were health services, housing services, DoCs, TAFE and local school teachers.

Community stories

Families' Weeks Celebrations, March 2015

Aapproximately 100 families attended a gathering in the local park., Let’s read at the Library,- January to December this is a program theat see the local Goulburn Mulwaree Library have some 12 Let’s Read pack borrowed by children and families Lets’ Read at Playgroup. We have 10 outreach playgroups operating on different days in our local community of Goulburn Mulwaree and the Upper Lachlan LGA’s and the playgroups conduct a let’s read session at every playgroup.

Alan Caldow, Facilitator , Goulburn Schools as Community Centre

Let’s Read Kindy Start

This year three local schools participated in the Let’s Read Kindy Start program where pre-schoolers and their parents who were attending the school in Kindy next year were introduced to the let’s read program as part of their prep for school program.

Alan Caldow, Facilitator , Goulburn Schools as Community Centre

Let's Read Book Kits at Goulburn Mulwaree Library

Goulburn Mulwaree Library has been working in conjunction with Schools As Community Centres (SACC) and Let’s Read to create a range of book kits for the community to borrow from the library. The program officially began in June of 2014 with the introduction of 12 book packs aimed at various age groups. The pack includes 3-4 of the Let’s Read books, an information booklet and the Let’s Read DVD.

The Let’s Read book kits have proven to be very popular both with children and their parents/carers, the kits being issued more than 30 times over the last 3 months. Often there are families coming to the library looking for books that are appropriate for children of a specific age group. The Let’s Read kits have made book selection easy and encouraging to families, especially first time parents. The Library is looking forward to continuing to provide early literacy resources for the community that encourage families to begin reading with their child from birth. The Let’s Read kits provide families with a fantastic resource that not only benefits the child but the parents and carers too.

March 2015| Michelle Stuart | Young People’s Services Co-ordinator | Goulburn Mulwaree Library


April 2014

The Let's Read community program celebrated in first year of running in Golburn this April with a birthday party at the Mulwaree Library.

Read the article from the Goulburn Post.


Let's Read in Goulburn is sponsored by Boeing. Families NSW and The Smith Family have funded the program over the past 2 years. The Smith Family have received money from a benefactor recently to purchase more book packs which will be given to new mums at our local Base Hospital.

Key contact

Alan Caldow, Community Facilitator


P 0409 365566

Robyn Seager, Learning for Life Worker


P 04821 2833