Mount Druitt, New South Wales

About the community

Mount Druitt is a diverse community which has a whole hub of different services. Mount Druitt has a richness of community working on practical needs of the community.

Mount Druitt and the Let's Read program

Mount Druitt is actively involved in Let’s Read with a wide range of services delivering Let’s Read.

Community stories

In 2018, we had 15 Community Professionals from Mount Druitt community attended Let’s Read training.  Within this group there were two Learning for Life parents who were part of a community leadership program at Willmot Public School took part attended the training.  This program which assisted in further upskilling these community members.  All the attendees found this training relevant and easy to apply.  The successful delivery of programs such as Let’s Read is vital for relationship building in the community.  It was wonderful to see services exchanging information and networking at Let’s Read.  Many ideas were shared about the implementation of Let’s Read.  An instructional Leader from Willmot Public school also does the transition to Kindergarten program, so she shared great projects that she was working on and also took the group to her Learning Support Room to check out the amazing resources on offer.  This type of information sharing was top notch and everyone walked away from the day feeling satisfied.  We would like to acknowledge the support from one of the team Volunteers.  Also a special acknowledgement goes out to one of our amazing volunteers who was there to support the Let’s Read trainer in the set up and arranging the support for the Programs Coordinator who conducted the training.  It was an example of the great team work and effective collaboration with our Community partner and The Learning for Life partner schools.



The Let's Read program in Mount Druitt is sponsored by The Smith Family.


The Smith Family