New book suggestions

The following new books are now available for Let's Read communities to order!

These have been reviewed and selected by our panel of experts.

Some tips for sharing these books are included below. These can be used alongside our existing Reading Tips and Tools and Book Suggestion sheets.

To order books for your Let's Read community, please click here.

From 4 months

Crinkly Book Of Aussie Animals: From The Bush

Jill Brailsford

Walker Books

  • Give baby time to gaze at the different animal pictures and explore the crinkly pages.
  • What are the different animals doing? Act out or mime the actions (hop, listen, scratch, sleep) to bring the book to life for baby.
  • Look for Australian animals when you see them in other places and point them out for your baby.

From 12 months


Jan Whiten & Sinead Hanley

Walker Books

  • Make the different chicken noises and do the things the chickens are doing - like tugging and squawking - together.
  • Emphasise the rhyming words.
  • Talk about the surprise at the end - can you find a worm?

From 18 Months

No new books for 2015 - see current list for suggestions.

From 3 1/2 Years

A Swim in the Sea

Sue Whiting & Meredith Thomas

Walker Books

  • Talk about going to the beach or swimming.
  • Emphasise "the sea - the big blue sea".
  • Talk about the ways Bruno's family help him when he feels scared.

Little Meerkat

Aleesah Darlison & Shannon Melville

Wombat Books

  • Run your finger underneath the words as you read them
  • Talk about what Little Meerkat is doing and why.
  • Talk about the meaning of some of the interesting words in the story (e.g. intrepid, stealthy).
  • Emphasise the hissing snake sounds - deliciouss, ssnack.