Let's Read Poster Series

Let's Read poster series

The Let’s Read poster series consists of a set of 7 posters (depicted above) that the Let's Read key messages.


The Let’s Read key messages promote and reinforce early literacy messages to encourage families to share book, rhymes, songs and stories with their children everyday from birth.

These key messages were market-tested with families and caregivers throughout Australia as part of the 2012-13 Let’s Read National Early Literacy Campaign. As recommended by the market research findings, the Let’s Read key messages include the following components:

  • procedural or instructional components that provides families and caregivers with ideas about how they can engage their children in early literacy activities every day in a fun, relaxing and realistic way.
  • emotive components that promote love and bonding between families/caregivers and their children an immediate benefit of reading and sharing stories with children from birth to 5 years.
  • outcome components demonstrating that reading with children from enhances a child’s future ability to read and write, and that an individual’s literacy levels affect their opportunities in life for education, employment, income and wellbeing.

As a result, below are the eight Let’s Read key messages:

  • Share, rhymes, songs and stories every day (Procedural/Instructional)
  • Words are everywhere (Procedural/Instructional)
  • Read, play and learn with books (Procedural/Instructional)
  • Story time is a special time (Emotive)
  • Bond with books (Emotive)
  • Build a love of books (Emotive)
  • Sharing books from birth helps children become better readers for life (Outcome)
  • Sharing stories from birth gives children a great start to life (Outcome)

Wendy Paterson illustrated the posters that are intended to be displayed as a set of 7 rather than individually to promote the key messages in early childhood education and care services.