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Let's Read eLearning course on sale today!

30Th September 2013

The new Let's Read eLearning course is on sale today. This course aims to build early childhood professional's understanding of how to promote early literacy from birth as well as support and empower families to understand the importance of early literacy and know how they can support their children’s emergent literacy development.

This eLearning course is accessible and interactive and will support early childhood professionals to:

  • establish an understanding of emergent literacy
  • understand the Let’s Read framework, including key messages, reading tips, tools and resources
  • develop the skills and confidence to use a strength-based approach in modelling Let’s Read strategies with families and empowering families to regularly engage in early literacy activities with their children
  • consider planning and evaluating strategies for  implementing Let’s Read in their community

Follow this link to learn more about the Let's Read eLearning course and how to register.