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Results show reading improvement

13Th December 2013

In an ABC News article Rebcca Barrett reports that the latest NAPLAN test results show an improvement in the reading performance of Year 5 students around the country. The keys findings in the NAPLAN report demonstrate that :

  • overall, student achievement has remained stable across 2012- 2013
  • there has been a moderate increase in performance in Year 5 reading compared to the first year of NAPLAN data in 2008
  • for the 2011 to 2013 cohort, the reading gain from Year 3 to Year 5 for Indigenous students was greater than the gains for non-Indigenous students nationally but more year-on-year data is needed to determine if this is statistically significant
  • there are encouraging signs of sustained improvement in Year 5 reading with a state and a territory recording average achievement above their results for 2012
  • there has been an overall improvement in Year 3 reading from 2008–2013

Read the full article by Rebecca Barrett