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August 2013

 Let's Read Independent Editorial Panel

Let’s Read aims to contribute to the evidence base about the most effective ways to increase literacy activities in the home and community, and to contribute to development of emergent literacy skills and subsequent language and literacy success.

The Let’s Read Independent Editorial Panel will support the Let’s Read quality assurance process by shortlisting and recommending books that meet the criteria for the 2013 Let's Read Book Suggestion Lists.

This group will meet annually to:

  • finalise criteria for book selection
  • shortlist and recommend books that meet the Let’s Read criteria
  • provide advice to the Let’s Read team on sponsored Early Years Book Awards
  • support the review of materials/resources developed for Let’s Read.

Membership of the Let’s Read Independent Editorial Panel will be determined by the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute and The Smith Family. Membership will comprise experts and professionals in the early literacy and early childhood sectors.

Early literacy  research resources on The Raising Children Network (RCN)

Developing literacy skills is a vital part of a child’s overall development. Before children learn to read and write, they need to develop the foundations for literacy – the ability to speak, listen, understand, watch and draw. Families and early childhood education and care professionals have a vital role to play in helping children develop these skills, along with a positive attitude towards reading.

Read the full article on Developing Literacy on the RCN website or visit the Let’s Read landing page on the RCN for practical, expert early literacy information and strategies for reading with children from birth.

Honey Ant Readers

Aboriginal people in Central Australia are often highly literate in oral languages, speaking three, four or more languages. Yet so many Aboriginal children achieve below the national benchmarks in print literacy tests. This prompted Margaret James to undertake research into the reading needs of Aboriginal people in Central Australia, which led to her developing reading materials and ways of teaching literacy with Elders and members of the Indigenous community.

Margaret combined her passions, experiences and qualifications with the knowledge, stories and wisdom of Aboriginal Elders—together they created the Honey Ant Readers.

Honey Ant Readers is a research-based literacy resource, grounded in the community, for Indigenous learners, and speakers of Aboriginal English of all ages. The resources include beautifully illustrated, storybooks, playing cards and activity books that help to engage learners in reading, to build vocabulary and to increase confidence—contributing to reading success. The supporting program incorporates activities, games, songs and rhymes to assist speakers of traditional Aboriginal languages, as well as Aboriginal English speakers, to acquire Standard Australian English, with a focus on teaching phonics and grammar.

Visit Honey Ant Readers to find out more.

Let’s Read was fortunate to work in partnership Margaret James and traditional language-speaking Aboriginal liaison officers in Alice Springs to develop the 2013 reading tip sheets for Indigenous families. Margaret is also a member of the Let’s Read Independent Editorial Panel.

Download the Let’s Read tip sheets for Indigenous families of children from 4 months, 12 months, 18 months and 3½ years.

Stories from the Let's Read community program

The Let’s Read community program was launched in Ballarat on 25 July 2013. Each year, about 1,200 local children will benefit from the program that will be delivered through maternal and child health centres and outreach services in the City of Ballarat.

At the launch, Belinda Coates, City of Ballarat’s People and Communities Portfolio councillor, said “We know that reading to children is crucial for their development, as well as being great fun. The Let’s Read program is another way we can support Ballarat families and help more children have this life-changing experience with their parents.”

Read about the launch in the Ballarat Courier

Read more about the Let’s Read community program in Ballarat

You can also check out the latest stories from Let’s Read community programs across the country:

Visit our interactive map to find a Let’s Read community program near you.

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